Monday, May 22, 2017


Yo fam,

How's it going......well this week is changes and I don't have any! I will be staying with my hijo in Armenia, so that was pretty cool to hear because we have a lot of work to do. We have to finish what we started, and with our 12 fechas we have a lot of work to do, definitely got my work cut out for me! Trying to finish strong, giving it everything for the Lord! This is the last transfer which means we have to go harder than we ever have!

Well, this week was super good. We have been working super hard with our investigators, and have one that is super positive named V, and her family. She is awesome and is ready to get baptized, we had a fecha with her this Saturday, but she didn't come on Sunday so we have to push the date a week. Kinda of a bummer but we just have to keep working with her and her parents. Her parents are really positive as well......We had a lesson with them that was so spiritual I wanted to cry because the spirit was sooooo strong! I was on Interchanges with Elder Henriquez, my DL, in this lesson, They expressed how they didn't feel good in any church and their daughter lights up when she talks to us, it was super cool. We are teaching them both and their daughter, hopefully this change we can baptized the whole family! 

We need to work super hard and be 100% obedient! This week was kinda ugly to see in the sacrament meeting, we had 66 people show up when it should be like more than 100. The ward needs a lot of help and support and its hard when nobody really knows what they are doing! But thats good because its taught me a ton of patience! I love Armenia

Well, I love this gospel, I have seen so many miracles happen because me and Elder Batz are obedient. I believe if we were not obedient than we couldn't have seen these. The lesson in the mission is to always be obedient even when we don't understand, the Lord doesn't want us to understand, he just wants us to be obedient. Because we are not gonna understand everything, but thats where faith comes in! A cool lesson that I have learned! 

Well the mission is coming and going super fast, so right now I have to make every moment count, and give it everything I have. I want to finish saying I gave it everything I had!! Love you guys and I hope you have a great week!

Elder GEE

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