Monday, June 19, 2017


Yo fam,

Hey everybody, what's going on? There is so little time and so much to do! We had some cool experiences that happened this week. I have a feeling this last two weeks are gonna be super stressful because there is so much to do! Well it goes like this.....

Well, V. is doing great. She just found a new job meaning that she's always busy and we can't visit her as much as we would like too....that's great tho. Because in El Salvador its super hard to find a good job that pays well....the economy sucks really bad. It breaks my heart to see some people starving and out of work! But we are currently working with her Mom and her dad, they are super positive but aren't going to church to really progress, so we are gonna work super hard with them!! 

L., is doing good, he is progressing for the 1st of July which is my last Saturday. We will see if we can baptize him!! It would be a perfect ending for me...we taught him the word of wisdom and he loved it...he has a problem smoking and drinking coffee....the double wammy! But he committed to stop to prepare for his baptism.!! His family is doing great and we are committing them all to church!!

Alright now for the Golden Family!!! We found a sick family that is perfect in all aspects.....they were a reference from a member in Izalco, which is another ward in the district...named Family Melgar. We started teaching them Friday and committed them to come to church Sunday....and they came!! The brother called me in the morning and said ¨Brother Gee, we are coming to church be out side waiting at 8:45!!!!  Alright sounds good! They came and they loved it...they love everything about the church. We invited them for a baptismal date for my last day in the mission and they accepted! So if all goes well......WE WILL HAVE 3 BAPTISMS TO FINISH THE MISSION! Alright, not too bad!

Did I not say the Gospel is perfect???

Elder Gee

Helping L. nail his roof together
With our new investigatores!

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