Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12th - EAT, TEACH, SLEEP and REPEAT!!

Yo fam,

Hey, whats up y'all? This week was pretty average, I'm not gonna lie...all we do is eat, teach, sleep and repeat everyday!!! It's the best, everyday I come home more and more tired. Its cool because I come home knowing we are doing the best work possible, we are doing the Lord's work and it feels so good. 

Well, to start ya off, we had the goal to find 8 new people, we have a lot of progressing investigators but they are not all progressing like we want them to, So me and Elder Batz did a lot of ALOT!  A couple of hours everyday. We found 13 new this week, and about 5 or 6 are really positive. The rest are like.....I believe all the churches are true and teach the word of God, hahaha, sometimes you just shake your head! But its cool because there are new people to teach. 

I also went on a interchange with my zone leader Elder C., he's from Guatemala and he's a straight up G! We went ham in his area and taught like 7 or 8 lessons. Which is a lot, it was cool. He s a great Elder and will continue to make miracles in his mission. His area Sonzacate, it is super small with a lot of houses, there has been missionaries there for years and pretty much they have contacted all the houses. Kinda funny, but miracles will happen there soon. During this interchange my companion and the other zone leader Elder A., found 9 new in one day.....thats pretty sick! It was raining and a family invited them in, and they taught lesson 1 and have a return appointment with them next week. So I guess will see if they are a golden family. 

Vanessa got confirmed yesterday, it was pretty awesome. She's now a member, and now all we need to do is work with her family and baptize them as well. Probably not when I'm here but for sure for the next Elders. Planting seeds is cool. 

Also We have investigators named M., J, and L., who are not married. So we visited with them with the Elders quorum president, who is a convert as well. It was cool because he testified so strongly about his conversion and how the gospel has changed his life. The spirit was so strong we invited them to baptism again and they said, next time you come we will have a date for you guys.....dude thats sick. I hope its soon before I leave!! 

Well that's about it, the gospel is perfect and so fulfilling!!


Elder Gee

Some of my favorite peeps!

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