Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26th - THE LAST WEEK!

Yo fam,

Hey whats up everybody, hows it going?  Sounds like everyone is doing good because right now its summer and no one is in school!  I'm sure the weather is hot up there but not as hot as it is down here!  No, but for real how's it going up there?  I hope to hear from all of you today while I'm on!  

Well, this is the last week in the mission......thats messed up, where did the time go?  It flew by.....its crazy how that happens.  Why do you think the old timers of the church always say, "Enjoy every moment because it goes like that! " I testify that it does go like that!  This is the last week meaning, so little time and so much to do........well here it goes!

Things are going good for me and my comp, we focused a lot on progressing of our baptismal dates that we currently have right now. We have 4 right now, 2 of them are for the other missionaries that come in September.  Our investigators put a date for the 9th of September, which is the day they are gonna get MARRIED! I'm just grateful they at least have a date for us to work with even tho I WONT BE THERE!  I'm grateful to know that I worked my hardest with them and they are starting to bring forth fruit.  Our other dates are for the 7th of July.....again I won't be there, but that's not what worries me.  I think the old me would have said, "Well, that sucks because I won't be there....but its not about that.  Every Child of God has their own due time and I have to respect that. This is the Lord's work and not mine. It was a good lesson on humility for me. 

V. is doing good, she couldn't come to church yesterday because she had to wait for her papers to work to go thru...and apparently the office only works on Sundays.  But we will see her next week!  Her parents are doing good, its funny every time I visit them, I just want to cry because I know that I will miss them a lot, but its all's normal to cry I guess. 

Its funny, everyone that ever talks to me here in this country will always ask me 2 questions.  First, "How much time do you have left?"   And, the 2nd "Are you pumped to go home?"   The answer to the 2nd question is, "No.  I'm not pumped" and they would respond "Why aren't you happy? You are gonna return to your nice house, car, iphone, a better life than us, why?" The answer to that question is simple, if they would have been in the places I've served, the people I have been with, the places I have seen......then they would know that TRUE HAPPINESS DOES NOT COME FROM MATERIAL THINGS!  The world always is constantly trying to confuse us of what makes us truly happy, and trust me its not those things I have listed. President Eyring has said,  "When you walk with the Savior long enough you change.!!"And that's what happened to me....I am completely different.  I think different, talk different, act different but its not a bad different, its a necessary different.  It's a different that changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven for it.!!! 

I love you guys, you already know that!  I gotta grind this thing out to the end!!! Love this work, nothing better!

Elder Gee

Giving my all for the Lord!!!!

PS...Happy Birthday Syd and Happy Father's day Dad!!!!

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