Monday, June 5, 2017


Holy crap!!!! 

I'm freaking out right now because the first thing I saw when I got on was the stupid itinerary for my flight home......THAT JUST RUINED MY DAY! hahaha. Alright enough of that, it goes like this.....

Yo fam, 

SO this week was pretty cool I'm not gonna lie, we had a lot of success finding people to teach, that never is the problem the problem is.......when they are just too freaking lazy to read, and go to church. Hahaha typical, but ya know that never takes away the happiness, hahaha, ok just a little!

The cool thing that happened this week was that we found a new investigator named L, he's 17 and his mom is already a member who has gone through the temple and everything but fell inactive due to some problems she had with some members.  L. is super positive and wants to get baptized so bad, in fact the first thing he said to us is what are the first steps to being baptized????  "BUDDY LET ME TELL YOU!!", hahaha!!   I told him he needs to come to church a certain amount of times and read the Book of Mormon to find out if what we are teaching is true or if its baloney...hahaha!  He read it and he thinks its true and he came to church as well.   Not just one hour but all 3 hours!  He loved it I gave him one of my ties so he was looking pretty Guapo!!   

The only bad news the happened this week was Vanessa didn't come to church because she fell sick with Chikygunya....a sickness you get when the mosquitos bite ya....its nasty and its painful.  Soon as we found out we ran over to her house with the 1st counselor to give her a blessing and the sacrament.  The meeting we had with her was super spiritual and she said,   "Don't worry Elders,  I will be there next Sunday!!  So everything is good there and hope is not ya bro!!

I love this gospel, its true, its a way of life, and its the only way we can return to the presence of our Heavenly Father, 
Follow the Creator, not the crowd!!!

·Livin the dream....always!

Elder GEE
Some members made homemade pizza for V. baptism

My new friend, L.

"Making pupusas with family Chavez....a family we helped reactivate!"

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