Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept. 22nd - Chinese food in Mexico...only 55 PESOS!!

Ok, so I am reading your email right now I saw all the pics...hahaha!! Kyle and his friends are such sickos, man I miss DHS.
This week was good, we found tons of new investigators like 7 but the hard thing is getting them to come to church and get a testimony.  Every person that we teach ends up talking to their neighbors about us and they end up telling us that they don't want to listen anymore.  It's super hard. but its all good.  We are working hard and talking with everyone. I have learned a ton about just being brave and talking to everyone.  It's helped me out a ton.
We are going with Elder W. and his comp today to eat at a buffet of Chinese food for 55 pesos aka 5 bucks so that should be cool. His comp is Elder R and he is the bomb! He's from Cali and a total gangster.  He's got tats on his hands and is a convert.  He's a good elder and reminds me of Pepper a little...Hahaha!
I'm gonna finish reading your letter, anymore pics??  I haven't gotten your package yet but I will this Friday cuz we have a conference.
So the investigators ... there aren't tons but we are trying to get this girls mom baptize cuz she comes to church every week.  But she won't get baptized cuz she is scared of what her family will think.   she' s single but we are working with here little by little.  Her name is E. 
Mom, for real don't worry about Christmas send me some letters maybe some ties and candy, thats all.  Don't spend a lot of money cuz I don't need anything.  What I do need is a long sleeve sweater vest because its and I use the same one everyday and the other one is huge.  Send me like a medium or something.  I don't know if I have lost weight or what but the one you send me would fit dad...Hahaha!!  But other than that  I am good...letters, ties, candy and something cool, thats all.
I love you all so much but I got to go right now.  Mom,  love you tons! Make sure you keep me in your prayers and also my investigators.  Tell Kyle to write me a letter.  I got to to be obedient.

Mom, love you tons thanks for everything!
PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka adios

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