Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey crazy week! I will send you some pictures, they are fetchin hilarious!   Today is a huge holiday (Mexico's Independence Day) and they all eat pozole and get drunk!  We got invited to eat pozole tonight so that should be cool.  So last friday at the stake center there was a party and we got to go and take our investigators and less actives and stuff.  It was ballin! I got to wear my sick Mexican hat I bought (I will send you a pic, don't worry!).
So we found out about changes and I am staying here with just one of my comps.  I am not sure if we are gonna be in a trio still, but who knows. I am gonna be with Elder M, but the good news is that Elder W. doesn't have changes either!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beleeeeeeeeeeeedat!!   Me and him will be together for another 6 weeks... hahaha! I am so stoked I fetchin love Elder W.   The only crappy thing is that there aren't a lot of investigators in this area and we are finding that no one wants anything.  So keep our investigators in your prayers so they can read, pray and receive their answers.
I got the pics you sent.  It's  cool that Kyle got answered back and has a date to Homecoming and he won the whole tournament in Colorado Springs.  Super sick!  What about Troy though?  Holy balls... he's on tv and on kick off team!  He's famous...holy nic!  That's about it...write back.
Love you all so much.  Just know that everything is good here and I am loving the work and learning everyday.  I think about you all the time but I would rather be here right now honestly.

Love you all tons, bye!

All the missionaries at the stake was ballin!!
Me, Elder W. and Elder S.
Me, Elder Y., Elder W., and some other cats!!
The district and zone leaders
Me favorite guys...Elder M and Elder W.
(all of these elders entered the MTC on the same day
and flew down to Mexico together) 

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