Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey Momma,  loved the letter that's awesome that Mark got home and you guys got to see him.  He looks smaller...Hahaha!  Kyle's hair looks ballin as ever and I'm glad he's having fun with lax.  That's crazy that everyone is getting home now.  Make sure you to send me tons of pic of Ty's homecoming.
Like honestly Mom, just write up something for the newsletter cuz I say the same thing every time. I swear...Hahaha!!  just tell them I am good and everything is going great and I am working hard!
This week was sick. We actually found a new lady yesterday and she seems pretty cool. We are actually gonna teach her again tonight.  Also, I went on interchanges with Elder was super fun and we had a good time.  Me and my comp are homies.  I am just trying to help him out because he struggles but is awesome.  He tells me tons of stuff when we walk the streets that make me laugh.  He tells me the funniest stories of when he was a drug dealer and stuff...Hahaha!!  He is a balla!!
We are gonna go play volleyball at the church against the other district in the zone...Hahaha!! I am so stoked, it should be fun I guess we can play volleyball cuz there is no contact.
Mom, I don't know what's going on with the computer but just know that I know your trying to write me back and sometimes the computers just suck.  I love you tons, I bet this is a blessing so I can be more obedient and only write for an hour.   Just look at the bright side Momma, we will Skype soon and I will be home pronto.
Everything is the same old here in Mexico just trying to find more people to teach as always and just working as hard as I can. We are gonna work hard with this new lady that we found so she can get baptized, keep her in your prayers she is named M. 
Love you tons,  Momma.... I  hope you get this email,  if not maybe some beandaddy will and he will get converted to the gospel!!
I love you tons Momma bye!!

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