Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey, so I still haven't got an email from you but whatever, but what the heck is going on with the Gee family not writing their son? I think mom needs to take a class on how to use a computer, or maybe its just because you don't want to write...who knows?  But it's all good.  I don't care.
(by the way...I did write him, I have never missed a week in the last two years.  It was the Mexican internet that was messing us all up, not my computer skills!!)
So here is the deal,  this week was pretty cool.  We got D to come to church and that was awesome. Little by little we are doing work here and having more success.   It's still hard cuz we don't have lots of people but we are working hard.
Me and Elder M are super tight. I love him so much, he's such a boss!  He has his struggles but is a good missionary.  I know that the Lord wants me to be with him and no one else.  We just walk in the street talking and I know pretty much everything about him now.
I'm glad to see that everyone is getting home but I am actually scared.  Not gonna lie because Satan has total control in the real world.  I am just trying to become the best I can now, so that I will be strong enough to overcome his fiery darts when I am not a missionary anymore. I love being a missionary. I love to work and to learn everyday. I learn something new, especially how to become better and how to help others. 
I love you all tons just know that you are all in my prayers.

Mom, I love you soooo much, I got to go ... bye!!

The district before we got split
My long lost twin brother here in Mexico...Hahahahaha!!

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