Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov. 24 - I got NASTY in ward council!

Ok, so here is the deal.  I am writing you first cuz I don't think your gonna write back, but its all good Momma.  It's better that way cuz I should be writing other homies like Elder W., the Pres and stuff. But don't worry Momma, I know that you are there and its just the fetchin computer. I love you tons!
(Again, I DID write him and it is the Mexican Café that he emails me from!!)
This week was a little better, we found a new guy but he didn't come to church.  But its all good, we put 3 babtism dates this week, but they all fell cuz they didnt come to church.   A.  said he got his answer that the church isnt true.... pretty sad.  I know he got his answer and he is just afraid to change.  I was bummed. But the good thing is is that the other 2 dates are good they are 2 ladies and they are super awesome.  One of them (D.) came to our wards babtism and said she really liked it. So that's the good thing of the week.
Today we have interviews witht the Pres, its gonna be my last real one....pretty sad.  I am good right now just wroking hard and trying to really help the people that we teach.  I got nasty in ward council yesterday cuz no one does their visiting teaching, Hahaha!!  It was pretty funny.   It's frustrating when none of the leaders of the ward do anything and come to church and think everything is all good.  But whatever!  Me and Elder M area ballin it up.  I love him tons.
I just want to let you know that I love you tons and I am super grateful for everything you do.  I will look for the package you will sent.  Don't worry.  Just keep praying for me big time so I keep working hard and not think about home.  I don't want to think abut home and is it really that bad if I speak in ward conference?  Why can't I speak in ward conference for my homecoming?  But its whatever...I just want to speak right when I get home.  I don't want to wait a week to speak and stuff. 

Love you tons Momma!  Tell the fam and everyone that I love them.

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