Monday, November 3, 2014


Mom, I got your email, thanks for keeping me posted on what's going on.  Nick the Brick is sick...Hahaha!  I'm glad he's doing good.
So this week was a tons better. Still super hard and slow but lots better. A. accepted a baptism date and has almost finished the book of mormon and came to church.  So we are doing pretty good with him.  He actually started to cry in sacrament meeting cuz he felt the spirit.  So help me out by keeping him in your prayers and that he keeps progressing and nothing happens. Pray so he can receive his answer.
Dad, thanks for the advice. I need it big time.  Actually,  what I have learned is that the Lord is just giving me one last mountain to climb so I can come home even better. I have actually come real close to my companion, Elder M.  He struggles and has a hard time on the mission.  We walk a lot but I think its because the Lord wants me to talk with him and just convert him.  He is a good missionary. Crazy story, he was a drug dealer before the mission and was less active all of his life. But I really enjoy helping him.  Right now we are only 4 in the district.... I'm ticked. I loved having the sisters in the district it was awesome. I don't really like a district of 4.  Kinda boring, but whatever.  Actually the other elders are telling me that the sisters are giving there new district leader troubles cuz he's not as "good as elder gee"...hahaha, funny!!  Right now we are just four in the district working hard and trying to find new people.
The weather here actually is pretty cold...Hahaha!!  The water is freezing in the morning and not always warm for showers, so that sucks!  hahaha!! But it's all good. I talked to Hermana Brailsford and she said she talked to you over an email.  By the way, I don't even know when I get home, so don't worry.  She told me she told you I am heading home the 21st.
Hey, I need protein can you send it to me?  It's like $50 bucks here.  I also need one of those shake bottles too, if you can.

Thanks and I love you tons.  I got to be obedient and go. 
Love you and peace out!!

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