Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. 14th - I'M OUTTA HERE!

What's up?  So I've got some pretty bad news. Today I have an emergency transfer...meaning me and Elder A. are no longer companions.  I'm not quiet sure why and the other 2 elders stay.  We find out more after lunch today.  We just barely found out this morning and to be completely honest,  I'm a little nervous because I'm not sure what's going to happen.  I don't know who's going to be my companion.  Me and Elder A. had like 5 baptismal dates for this month and the next and I'm not sure if we get to do them now.  I am pretty nervous where my new area is going to be because I love my area, my companion and the people here in Opico.
But other than that,  this week has been pretty good and I've learned a ton on how to teach in Spanish. I can teach fine.  I just can't express myself like the Latinos.  I only speak in simple sentences. The goal in the mission is to teach 25 lessons a week, 25 to 30 people. I was freaking awesome like usual. We taught a lot of new investigators, all in which were positive.  So it just sucks to leave them.

I am just a little devastated because I really like where I am right now and now I have to change for whatever reason. but I know the Lord is looking out for me and knows what I should do, what I can do and where I should be.  So pray that its a good area with a good companion. 

The pupusas are amazing! We eat like a thousand a day with a coke.  Coke goes down like freakin water here...and they are like 50 cents for 2 liters...Hahaha!!

I love all your guys updates, they bring the biggest smile to my face.  I love all of you and pray for all you guys daily and remember who I am representing out here.
I gotta go Momma,  I love you so much and pray for you always.  Love you tons.

Te Amo
Elder Gee


Later on that day I received a text that had a picture of Kyle and a man with sunglasses.  I wasn't even sure who had sent me the pic.  I later found out it was a friend from the ward who happens to know President Hintze very well.  He sent the pic to our friend, Kevin and he forwarded it to me.  Also, President Hintze called Kevin that afternoon and let him talk to Kyle.  Kyle told Kevin that his companion was still Elder A. and that they were moving to a different area which was still in their district.  Kevin came over that night to tell us and it was such a tender mercy...I was going to be a wreck all week not knowing where and who he was going to be with. So, so grateful!!
This is President Hintze escorting Kyle and his companion to his  new area!

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