Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hey Momma, what's up?  I am sorry I couldn't call by that's against the rules here so I didn't and we didn't have time to send our family anything.  So right now is my second day in the mission field and its sooooo much more different than the MTC,  but I love it because its real down here.
My trainer is native....his name is Elder A.  He is like 6'2 and I heard from President Hintze that he plays basketball.  He is way cool and he speaks really good English so he helps me a ton.  Right now I'm in a pretty poor area, its not the nicest but its differently not the worst.  I have 4 elders from my MTC zone in my area, so thats pretty cool.  President Hintze is freakin ballin and so is his wife.  The best way to put the mission right now is that its way relax and the Hintzes aren't too strict. 
Anyways I am here right now because my companion is filling out paper work because last week he had to get eye surgery. He was playing basketball here and got scratched and cut his eye. So I'm able to check my email right now, Hahaha!   But my p-day is Monday at 9 o'clock for an hour and a half.
And tomorrow we have to go to the big city and get Elder A's eye checked, so it's field trip for me, Hahaha!!  
Anyways,  I love you and I don't have much time right now to explain everything because we actually flew into San Salvador not by a bus because the riots,  Hahaha!  
So I love you more then words can describe....yesterday I felt a little homesick because everything is new again for me and I almost cried because I wish I could hug you, but I'm hanging in there.  It gets easier everyday and everyday we get closer to persevering to the end!
I love you and I promise to write more on Monday.
Elder Gee
P.S.: tell the family I love them sooo much.

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