Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey! What's up?  So this week was freaking crazy. We transferred to another area in our zone, Hoyas de Ceren, and I'm staying with my trainer at least until the next transfer so that's really good.  We are cherros aka homies!   We had to come down here because some elders weren't getting along and they switched areas.  Since they were the only missionaries in that area we had to fill in that spot.  It's only me and Elder A. so it's not so bad.  Were the only missionaries in the ward,  Hahaha! 
So,  yeah I got to talk to Jergensen and I was so excited... President Hintze came up to me and said, "Hey,  Elder Gee, I got someone who wants to talk to you" that was freaking awesome! He sounds like he's doing really good.  I love Kevin!
The next 3 days weren't very exciting, just teaching and walking up freaking mountains, Hahaha!  This new area has mountain sides and we have to walk up them all the time.  I remember one time we were walking up the mountain and it was about 3 miles up hill, when we got to the top we were soaked with sweat.  The lady that lives up there felt so bad she gave us towel to wipe our faces.  So joked with us saying..."did you walk or did you swim up here?"  I will send you pics.
Also, we are teaching this family of 12.  We have a baptismal date with one of them...he's the oldest and he's about 16.  The rest are younger then 8. 
Friday night we had to go to San Salvador for my immigration papers and I passed,  Hahaha!!. We had to go back the next day because Elder A. needed more medicine for his eye so we went back AGAIN!!  Afterwards, we went to McDonald's and I was watching some of the highlights of the Chiefs-Broncos game on T.V... it was so freaking cool to see actual football again.  Afterwards, we were going back and it was pouring rain.  So the taxi cab driver who works for the church said,  "Hey, if you don't want to wait 30 minutes in the rain for the bus you can come with me to drop off some things in a another area." So we did...and it turns out went to Santa Techla, which is a area on the beach Hahaha!!  So we stopped and took a picture of the beach and we bought something called a Mahombre, which is a slushie but with bananas coconuts and pineapples with lots of syrup and it was AMAZING!!
Love you momma a ton and I pray for you always. I love seeing your letters...they are great! It's p-day so I gotta go eat and play soccer after...I love you!

Te Amo!!
Elder Gee



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