Monday, September 28, 2015


COMO ESTA FAMILIA?  It's really good to hear that you all are doing really good in Utah. Not gonna lie this week was pretty ballin it picked up a lot. We had a lot more success this week than I think of any other. On Wednesday I saw all the guys from my first district, it was pretty cool at a trainers meeting.  I have pics. We also have 2 baptisms this week. We pray that they won't fall through, but I feel like they won't because the people are super positive and have came to church.  So that's good news! 
Also, me and my companion were making pupusas with some less active members but they absolutely love the missionaries.  It was hilarious!  They were telling us why they weren't coming to church. They said it's because they don't want to pay their tithing.  But we told them you can still come to church though and they said I don't know. 
I've said this once before but I'll say it again...I think I'm the only white guy in this town, Hahaha!! So when me and my trainer pass by all the drunk people they come up to me and and say...."Hey chili tiene mucho dinero."  Which means you have a lot of money.  My trainer is a champ because he yells at them and says leave us alone, we don't have money and you wouldn't steal from God would you?  They said no....and then he replyed then you definitely wouldn't steal from His children then, would you? Hahaha!!  He's so balling and he is such a good teacher.  When we teach, he helps me a ton with Spanish and when ever I stumble on a word.  I picked up a ton of Spanish this week.  I can understand it a lot better... more then ever and its so freaking sick to know that you can speak the language.
Anyways,  I pray that the baptisms don't fall through this pray for that.  I love you guys and pray for you always.

Oh! we are going to watch general conference at Santa  Techla, it's the area near the beach,

Te Amo Ustedes!
Elder Gee

The women walk around with the buckets on their heads.
Making Papusa dough with some members.


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