Monday, May 16, 2016


Hows everyone doing??  Alright so this week was super cool with a lot of cool stories. I decided to start writing it down in my agenda when something cool happens...that way I won't forget and be scrambling to write  something every p-day. But this week was super good. Well the thing is that me and my comp don't have changes this change.  We are staying in Puerto for another change...which is kinda what we both wanted. When we found out that we don't have changes we both screamed in the house of laughter...because we are guaranteed another transfer to work here. There is still a lot of work to do here. A lot of people that need to get in that water before I peace out for good.... jajaja!!

We got a new zone leader too...his name is Elder D and he was in my zone when I was in Cuscatlan. He was a DL with me so we already have a good connection and already planned a lot of interchanges that we are gonna do.  

This change is gonna be pretty balling.  Heres a funny story for ya...(this actually happened 2 weeks ago but i forgot to write it in my letter.)  Elder McFarland who is in my district....bought a pizza with all pennies!!  The pizza cost about 15 dollars and if you think about it...thats about 1500 pennies! The pizza guy accepted it and they took a  selfie with him.  The pizza guy said...its already happened to him before. (only in El Salvador)

Also, I went on interchanges with Elder Sweat in my area...that was super fun. We did some serious contacting on the beaches...we actually found a white girl who is a member from Utah...who lives here.  I really don't know why??  We invited her to church but she told us she's too "hipster for that"...jajaja, my gosh!  Me and Sweat also visited K and R (sisters) one of our investigators...they both accepted our invitation to baptism for the 28 of May.  We hope the best there. 

Then the next day we and Chinchilla went to a church activity for Mother's Day,  a lot of members came and had a good time...a lot of nonmembers came as well.  Me and Chinchilla played basketball against the 2nd counselor and the secretary of the was way fun to play again. The 2nd counselor and the Secretary are return missionaries that are 24 years old.  They are super fun who like to come and teach with us. They are basically the reason the branch stays in place.

Well yesterday E. received the Aaronic Priesthood.  He was pretty stoked about can see the progress in him. He's a future missionary!! He came to teach with us and bares a powerful testimony!! We visited like 5 less active members with him and he told us he loves teaching. He told me, "Elder Gee, I wish I could leave on a mission right now...but I have to wait a year to go...and you and Chinchilla wont be here when I receive my call."  I told him you can write me and tell me all about it...he told me he's going on his mission to Utah...and Mom is gonna feed him so much food! He loves me and my comp. H e doesn't like the idea of changes.  He knows we won't be here forever and he hates talking about changes.  Its gonna be really hard to say goodbye to him...he's my hero!! He is one of the reasons the work is fun...he makes me and my comp strong. He truly is a blessing in my life.  I am so grateful I met him when I did.  I know me and him were homies in Heaven before this life. 

I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be able to suit up for my Savior and be an example to others.  IT'S HONESTLY THE BEST FEELING EVER!!  Nothing quite like it. se que estes cosas son verdereras. se que podemos vivir en la presencia de dios eternamente...con nuestra familias. les amo ustedes...sea feliz!!!  I love you guys so much...when i saw you guys in my Skype I was so happy and haven't laughed that hard in so long.  I miss you guys so much some days are so much harder then others.  I know Im here for a reason and I'm on the Lord's time.  I know that I couldn't understand such happiness if I didn't leave. I  know Im growing so much spiritually(definitelynot physically) I gotta do more pushups!!  

Well I love you guys with all my heart and have a great week and always choose to be happy!!


"Everyday someone will try to tell you it's impossible and you can't do it, just keep on going and you will arrive at the Lord's finish line!!"

Love you guys
Keep the Faith
Livin the Dream
Elder Gee
Elder Sweat and I

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