Monday, May 23, 2016


Yo fam,

Whats up!! I hope this week turned out pretty good. This week here in Puerto was pretty cool filled with cool experiences. The work here is seriously picking up and going faster and faster. I have a lot to talk about so I'm just gonna get right to it man. 

So this week me and my comp received a reference from a member in the branch saying, "Elders you guys need to visit and baptize my sisters, they already have 3 attendance to church."   So we did visit with them...and they shared with us some sorrow of their mother passing in March. We placed a date with them this upcoming Saturday and they both accepted. So, we are looking forward to two baptisms this week. FELICIDADES.  Our 2nd counselor came teaching with us everyday this week which was a huge blessing. He is super awesome. He told me that he trained a kid named Elder Flitton from Kaysville Utah, I told him I think he's in my stake, but I'm not sure.  But I'm super grateful he loves us enough to teach with us...he's a huge reason the branch is progressing.  Every Saturday we have a missionary prep class...from 3 to 5.  Its super good for the young ones in the branch to go out and have a desire to serve.  It will make the branch grow drastically. there was a ton of future missionaries there and after we played basketball...SUPER FUN. 

Also, this week I placed a new goal for my district. The goal was to find 2 news everyday and contact 12 people in the street. I was a really good goal for our district.  Our numbers and news jumped up a ton.  The zone leaders and president were pretty proud of me...I felt so SICK! 

Also heres some big news...K. finally came to church.  She brought her little sister and brother, they have a date for baptism for the 4 of June.  So much potential here. She loved church and she told us she's willing to keep going every Sunday. PRETTY COOL. Her little sister R has a desire to be baptized as well.  Yesterday we had 7 investigadores in church. THE MOST IN MY MISSION!

E. blessed the sacrament yesterday. He was so nervous because he didn't think he could do it...but he did, perfectly!  After words he told us he felt super good. He feels that right now he's part of the branch.  His potential to learn and teach is skyrocketing. Yesterday he went teaching with us and he made 4 different people we were teaching cry.  Crying..because they felt the spirit.  When he bore his testimony...they sat up and the Lord poured out to them.  It was a really beautiful thing to see. He's gonna be a great Elder some day.  He's a huge example to all the young kids in the ward.  Blessed.!! 

I love you guys so much and hope that you guys enjoy summer that is coming up...if you find a pool jump in for me...because i cant do it myself. ONE LOVE!! Also thanks momma for the package I loved it.

White Salvadoreano
Verdereo Felicidad
Gozo Puro
Elder Kyle Gee

Well I love you guys with all my heart and have a great week and always choose to be happy!!

I finally got my package!
Reading one of Syd's letters...they are so freakin funny!!
"Thanks for the socks, Momma!  I love them.  All the missionaries in my zone want them!" 
Modeling another pair of my new socks!

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