Monday, May 2, 2016

MAY 2nd - My BirThDAy...20 YEARS YOUNG!

Wooooh!! Freakin 20 years old....I'm not gonna lie its weird to have your birthday in the mission. I don't feel any different.  Some times I still think I'm a super young kid in High School...and not a missionary that almost has a the time really flies!! It feels good though.

Today is a super good day. But this week was super good but crazy...we had some really good things...and some really bad things. One of those bad things was Elder Eggers companion Elder P. went back to home...because of his kidneys.  He went home, but should be back in a bout 6 to 8 weeks.  So Elder Eggers is with the zone leaders for now until they bring in a mini missionary!!  We talked about it and he said its super weird to say goodbye to your comp who is going home...but HE WILL RETURN!! 

Also heres a funny I went on splits with my zone leader Elder D. in my area...and that was super fun!! The funny part is it started to rain super hard...Elder Davis looks at me and says, "JUST KEEP ON WALKING GEE...WE ARE NOT GONNA STOP!" hahaha so that's what we did!!  We walked in the rain and we were we bought an ice cream...and we continued to walk in the stormy rain eating ICE CREAM!!  All the people gave us the dirtiest was funny!! 

We had a baptism this Saturday...E. got was so cool!! My comp did and it was so sick!! After the baptism he told us...he feels amazing and is ready for this new step in his life...SOOO COOL!!  We also confirmed him yesterday...and next week he will receive the priesthood!!  He's got so much potential...he told us he wants to serve a mission year from yesterday!!  But the more and more I see why I'm a missionary...I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS GOSPEL!!  It sometimes makes me think that before...i worried about the dumbest things in life...nothing is more important than this gospel.  Im so grateful for all the experiences I've had...I learned so much, so fast! I think I know now what they mean when they say its the best 2 see the changes in peoples lives...honestly nothing better.  No better feeling in the whole world!!

Well I love you guys with all my heart and have a great week and always choose to be happy!!


"Everyday someone will try to tell you it's impossible and you can't do it, just keep on going and you will arrive at the Lord's finish line!!"

(Momma excerpt)
The following Sunday was Mother's day and this right the best gift ever!

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