Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9th - GOZO PURO

This week was super good!! My birthday was way fun. Our cook made us hamburgers and a cake as well. (I have pictures at the bottom)  I had a couple of members send me txts saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER!! SO that was super cool to see. Also we had a breakfast, President and sister Hintze is so that was so cool...we had pancakes and eggs...SO GOOD!! (we don't eat pancakes all the gringos were excited).

Well, this week of teaching wasn't much, but it was super cool.  A lot of cool spiritual experiences. We baptized Hermano E. and confirmed him. Its awesome to see him progress and grow...he's a freakin stud!!  Every time we teach him he has a ton of questions about the gospel and he responds and says...thats so cool!!  He wants to serve a mission in a we are preparing him!! Right now we are teaching is his little brother who is 11 and is gonna get baptized this Saturday, we hope!! 
Also, we are teaching E's girlfriend as well...she loves us and will be baptized soon!! So there is future potential there. 

The cool thing is that me and Elder C. lead the zone in baptismal dates...we have 11!!  We are a great team...I hope president doesn't take us out...that would really suck!! I REALLY LOVE HIM...we work so well.  He is so funny too...we always sing rock and roll in the streets like Def Leopard and Guns and Roses...its hilarious!!  We talked about it and he doesn't want to have transfers...he tells me I'm his favorite comp...because the others were kinda weird and not fun to be around.  But it's been such a fun and quick change!! Transfers are ever so near...and it will be interesting to see were I go and who will be my comp!!

Well I love you guys and hope the best in all you guys do...always put God in your lives.  He´s always number 1. Everything falls through him...and always be happy. Always exercise your faith....and the real blessings follow. NEVER GET DISCOURAGED!! President Hintze always told me, "When it gets hard and it will, always move your feet." He also joked with me saying, "Elder Gee,  if you love your wife in 20 years its because you baptized a lot of people!"  jajaja, its a joke but its true!!

Haz La Justo
Verdero Felicidad
WestSide Belize dat
Puro El Salvadarono

Elder Gee
Tradition...PIE TO THE FACE (in this case, cake!)
Our new soccer shirts!

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