Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30th - LA EXPIACION!

Que Ondas,

Whats up everybody!! Alright so this week we had a lot of cool things happen this week!! A lot of cool Miracles. A lot people acting on their faith and seeing a lot of cool results. Lots of cool I'm just gonna get down to it!! Bear with me I have a ton to write.

Alright well last Tuesday we had a Multizona and that was pretty cool...pretty fun seeing a lot of familiar faces. We took a group pic but not on my camera (ran out of battery, classic)!! But the Multizona was cool and powerful like always.  Presdent Hintze gave a powerful speech about his experience in the mission...he said, "For all of you missionaries in the mission who always think about home. When are you gonna stop and let go and just live the missionary life?"  And at that moment we all stopped and were like, "Wow the spirit was so strong!!"  He said, "You guys have one responsibility and that is to bless the lives of other people...thats it.  How blessed are you?"  It was so cool...I learned a lot from that speech!! Also, in the pic is me and Elder Tamayo who was my ZL for a change...he seems to be doing way good. He was my ZL when i was in Cuscatlan.

Thursday, I went on interchanges with my ZL Elder D.!! That was super fun...he gave interviews to our investigadors and they all passed. We reactivated a couple of inactives who came to church yesterday, so that was cool to see.  We taught E's little sister who is 16 years old.  She told us that she has seen the greatest change in her older brother and wants the same happiness he always shows her. It was pretty amazing.  She came to church for the first time yesterday and loved it and said she's coming back for sure next week!! so sick!!

Saturday, we had 2 baptisms. They were so cool them both. Our 2nd Counselor and a member in the ward baptized them. But me and my comp were witnesses to the baptism so that was really cool to see. They have such an amazing testimony and an amazing story to how they got converted. J. the older sister in the pic on the right...told us that she had a dream of her mother that had passed away in March...."she came to me in all white clothes saying you need to get baptized and serve a mission has well...WOW!!  I almost cried and so did my comp.  That was a very powerful testament of her faith. 

Later on that day we had missionary prep class and that was fun. E really enjoyed it...he practiced and taught us all of lesson 1.  He killed it...he would have converted me!  He teaches with us every Sunday...he brings the members to tears...because they all knew him before...but they see the difference in him now.

So Sunday to finish the week,  I had the opportunity to confirm was my first time doing it so I was super nervous...but i did it...and the people said it was really good and so I felt a lot better afterwards. I felt the Spirit so strong. It was definitely a memory I will never forget.  I was so grateful for the opportunity. 

To finish this up. I so grateful to be a missionary of this ever true gospel. Right now in the mission I'm starting to get a little bit more success and I'm so humbled everyday to put on that badge and represent him.  I told my comp this one day during comp study...that when I put on this badge I feel like Superman...I feel like I can do anything. I feel the power of the Holy Ghost every time I teach. But i know this gospel is eternal.  It's blessed me in so many ways and I'm learning so much. The people are the best and will forever be my favorite.  I love you guys and I miss you more than you know...but I know I'm doing miracles here.  Just do me a favor and always smile!!  Be happy always...because he is ever so near. Always remember to pray and give thanks always.


White Salvadoreano
Verdereo Felicidad
Gozo Puro
Elder Kyle Gee

Elder Chinchilla, Guillen (2nd counselor) and I
Our baptism this week

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