Monday, November 14, 2016


Buiti binafin numadagu!! Meaning Good Morning my friends in Garifuna. Hows everyone doing? Things here in the island are sick. Things this past week have been off and on...usually off because everyone here is to lazy to leave their houses to tell us. A normal street contact goes like this..."Hey brother we are missionaries of the Church and we want to share a message about Jesus Christ." no answer..."Brother I can see you in your house." Closes the door, hahahaha!! Everyday man. Its all good tho...but literally nothing is more deflating than that. But of course they will tell ya the classic phrase..."that's the mission man." 

This Sunday was sick. We had the most members come then the island branch has ever had in the past year and a half. A whopping 54 people...yeah buddy! Elder and Sister Studebaker spoke at the meeting.(Senior Couples). Elder Studebaker is a tough nose member man...he doesn't mess around. He spoke about the importance of accepting callings and paying tithings. He said and I quote, "If you pay your tithing that means you give a crap for what the Savior did for you but if you don't you obviously don't care." hahaha! Me and Elder R. started busting up because that was a direct machete to the heart of the members who struggle with that. Anyways we had 5 investigators come and they loved it. We have 2 baptisms for the 25 of this month...R, & M. They are awesome couple who got married because the last missionaries hooked them up and now we have to baptize and finish nourishing the seed. They are awesome....R. has an addiction to drinking...but he stopped and is making some good changes. M. is an awesome supporter. 

Anyways thats the good news here in San PedroNOV. I love you guys and hope you strive to be steadfast in this perfect work. Always reach out to people in never know the impression you make on someone till you meet them.


Elder Gee

Eating the best calzone on the island!

Beautiful sunset on the island.
Me and Elder M.

This is an octopus...and yes we did eat was delicious!!

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