Monday, November 21, 2016


Brothas and Sistas

Hey everyone, what's is it going? This week was super good filled with some cool things...we went to the zoo and that was super sick. Hahaha, round 2 for me. The second time was cool, I guess...but it was cool to be with the crew again. I hope you enjoyed the zoo took me a thousand tries to get the owl to look at the same time I was. P-day was successful.

Last Wednesday we went to Belize City for a DL meeting...and when me and Elder Merida were coming back on the boat we experienced something that I hope you all get a good laugh at! We were sitting there normally, not even 20 minutes into the voyage. When all of the sudden a Belizean man walks up to the window and we all think that he's got sea sickness or something like he's gonna throw up...NO! He unbuckles his belt and drops his pants to go pee out the window of the boat and the boat is moving...hahahahahhahaha!! People in the boat were laughing their heads off. Some people were taking pics...I fell on the ground laughing so hard and I had a serious case of the hick-ups for a couple of hours!!! So there is a cool story for ya. 

As far as working goes we have R. and M. who are the most positive. Melanie could have been baptized 3 weeks ago...but she doesn't want to do it without her husband.  R. officially stopped drinking..that's why in the pics he looks high. Its because this whole week he was throwing up because he drank so much...and when you stop an addiction like that it makes you sick. But we prayed with him and he is stopping. We put his date for sometime in December when he can come to church regularly...he showed up yesterday with M. which was awesome. Yesterday was the Primary Program...he loved it. He said, "I learned that it's important to be reverent in church."  Because the kids were so loud. But all in all it was a good program as far as Belize will perform hahaha. 

Have a great week.!! I pray for you guys 24/7!

Elder Gee



Heading to the zoo!

Zoo with Elder Osiek


Elder M. and I with R.

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