Monday, November 28, 2016

Nov. 28th - SAN PEDRONAS!

Brothas and Sistas,

All you need to know is that this week was sick!!!!  You know how it goes here in San makes you fall in love!  Also Happy Thanksgiving from the Elders on the Island.  I bet the turkey was good...I wouldn't know or would I?  Yes, I had turkey for Thanksgiving and yes..........MASHED POTATOES!  I sent you all pics, I was SOOOOO HAPPY.  It was from a Sis. who lives in Oregon and she has a house here and she invited us to was awesome. I thanked here greatly because a couple hours later I slept the best I have ever had in my mission, hahaha!!  #FoodComa! 

We also had our Area President come down for a Multizone, President Duncan and his wife.  He's a straight G!  He blew our minds of how we need to change our visions completely and pray for the spirit to direct you at all times.  He asked, "What could you be doing now, that you are not already doing?"  A good question.  We took a ton of his advice and took it to our areas. We saw a tremendous difference in everything.  We changed the time in lessons and the way we taught, every 20 seconds Elder Merida and I switched in teaching, thats a great way to teach so the investigators don't get bored in lessons. It was awesome.  Their attitudes were so much different from before and it was all around a better way to be this type of missionary than the one before.  I now, have so much excitement when I go out everyday to preach its awesome....(If you want more details on what the changes were, email me more)! 

R. and M. are doing great, didn't come to church the other day but are doing good. I personally think that their conversion is just much slower than other people...and thats just the reality we all have to accept.  They are awesome people...but won't be baptized with Me and Elder Merida together...because changes are soon. But it's all good. We love them and so does God.

Love you all,


Elder Gee

A little rain after the 7.2 earthquake in El Salvador!
Interchanges with Elder Osiek.  We were talking about life because he went to Layton, high school RIVALS!!

On the top of apartment complex
Watching the sunset

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