Monday, November 7, 2016


Yo fam,

Hey whats up everybody!! 

My week was pretty sick...the island is awesome. I think you all can tell from my pics hahaha. (I don't mean to rub anything in..I'm just saying the Blessings are good). Not every missionary can say they got to work on the island and for that I am enjoying every minute I have. But I hope everything is going good. I hope life is treating ya well.

This week was pretty good, it had its ups and downs. We went to a zone conference and that was pretty fun to see everyone again. I even passed by Sis Donna's food truck and she was happy to see for the first time in a week....hahaha not very long i've been gone. But it was fun to see her again. But as for the zone meeting it was super good. We learned about how we can better teach the Book of Mormon and but more emphasis on it, and to teach why it's important. The next day I went on interchanges with Elder R. (another Latino in the house) it was fun because he wasn't too familiar with the area and neither was I so guess what we!!  It was fun and we found a lot of potential investigators. 

Elder M. and I, are working with a couple named Roberto and Melanie. The past missionaries got them married and now its up to us to get them in the water.  They are awesome...but Roberto struggles with drinking.  He knows he shouldn't be doing it but its an addiction and he expressed to us that its hard. We reassured him by sharing a couple of scriptures and telling him that God loves him and he wants him to keep trying. He loved it and told us he is willing to keep trying.  But they didn't come on Sunday...kinda sucked we have to go follow up with them.

This Sunday tho.....what for it.... 24 tourist!!!  And guess where they are from.....yep Utah! It was cool to see. We talked to them for a little bit and they were just amazed that San Pedro has missionaries. I taught the 2nd hour with all of them and it was super cool...because they know the doctrine so it was more like a discussion...nice!! I taught Temple work and Family Sealing...with is funny because i didn't have a great knowledge of the topic hahaha....but I didn't tell them that hahaha!

I hope you all of a good hard and see the blessings that come.!!



"I know Momma's gonna hate me for this pic!"
It was raining super hard and the members made us homemade 
rain panchos outta garbage bags.....NICE!! 

This pic was taken by a tourist who was from New Mexico.
I had just arrived to the island.  The tourist was a member and gave us $100.

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