Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oct 31st - ISLA BONITA!

Yo fam wa di gwan!! 

How's everyone doing?? The "Isla Bonita" is freaking sick!! I love San Pedro. This place is freaking cool and the culture is super laid back and funny. Everyday we pass by people riding in Golf carts and they always give us rides...."Mormons lets go!" Hahaha, I love it. My area is super cool. Its super poor and humble which I love because my last area was full of ignorant Belezeans who think they are all that! But its way fun.  Me and Elder M. work way hard. Right now I am teaching him how to speak English...I feel like I am training again hahaha! He's awesome, he can speak a lot, just in the 6 weeks before I got here. He studies like no ones business and is learning really fast. Cool comp.

So here its a branch of 40 first sunday is one for the record books hahaha....(Passing sacrament, translating from spanish to english...gave a talk...and taught the 2nd hour about ....what for it....CHASITY...NICE GEE!!) I need a treat or something It was awesome of how I was so involved. The branch here is awesome the members are great people. Every Saturday in the morning we have to cut the can see in the pics...I'm looking good.!! 

We saw a bunch of Mormons who stopped us on Tuesday night...the day I got there. They were from New Mexico. One guy gave us a 100 dollar bill to eat lunch and dinner the next day....we were like WOW!! First time I have seen a crisp Benjamin in a while. We thanked him and said thank you for sending the pics to our parents...I knew momma would have appreciated that.

The work here is awesome...a little slow but the people here are great. I know that in time we will progress. I know that Pres. Adams recieves revelation for our mission to put me here with a great area, to be a DL here...and with a great comp. I love how the Savior is always looking out for me in my mission. He knows the great things I can accomplish. He knows who I am and who I can become. This gospel is awesome here in San Pedro. I feel super happy to be here. 

Mucho amor


Elder Gee
My comp and I

Me and my Benjamin!!
My meal with the Benjamin!!
My new apartment

Mowing the church's lawn on Saturday


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